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Starfield hailed as 'Fallout without the depression' by delighted fans

Starfield hailed as 'Fallout without the depression' by delighted fans

Wanna leave those Fallout blues behind? Starfield might just be for you as fans are delighted to say it's depression free!

We love Fallout, bugs and all, but it’s not exactly the cheeriest of franchises. Whether you’ve spent your whole life in a Vault or you only make it into one before being vaporised, it’s bleak from the get-go because of its setting. Consequently, Bethesda fans are quite pleased that Starfield is a lot like Fallout, minus the depression it undoubtedly triggers whenever you play it.

This isn’t just us sharing our opinions, it’s an accord amongst fans as well. A Reddit thread opened up that simply said “Starfield is Fallout without the depression”, before adding that they’re “all for it”. So are we, so are we. As too are the countless other gamers who are happy to avoid constant reminders that fiction could become reality if the real world doesn’t buck up its ideas.

Experience the joy of Starfield via its gameplay trailer!

In response to the OP, another user said, “Lol nailed it. I still remember that feeling of abject hopelessness when walking through the ruins of DC [in Fallout]. I haven’t had that with SF yet.” Though someone was quick to ask if they’d visited Earth yet in Starfield, which only further proves our point that our planet is a sh*tshow most of the time with pockets of beauty scattered around to keep us all sane.

Of course, whilst it’s fantastic not having to deal with a ravaged landscape and monsters everywhere we go, Bethesda’s sci-fi outing isn’t without its issues; sure, depression might not be its thing, but annoying fans to the point that they say Cyberpunk 2077 is better apparently is. That’s right, in case you’ve not seen it for yourselves, many are heralding Cyberpunk as the victor out of these two RPG giants.

Putting arguments over which is better aside, perhaps you like desolate environments and a lack of hope. If so, there’s plenty of Fallout mods that lean into that theme, like Whispering Hills, which is said to be an exceptionally good horror experience. Yes, we might be praising Starfield for being joyful now, but a lot of us still haven’t seen all it has to offer yet – who knows, maybe there’s Fallout-esque sorrow lurking on a planet near you.

Starfield is out now on Xbox and PC, just in case you fancy leaving behind the wastelands of Fallout for something a little more perky.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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