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The Order 1886 is an underrated banger that deserves a sequel, fans argue

The Order 1886 is an underrated banger that deserves a sequel, fans argue

If any game deserves a sequel, it's this one

When anyone asks about games deserving of sequels, many titles get thrown into the hat, each with impassioned fans who will almost fight to the death to defend their choices.

When the question was once again asked online, PlayStation gamers mentioned many prominent games, some of which feel a little too obvious for our likes. Then one fan mentioned The Order: 1886, and life made sense again.

Can't remember The Order: 1886? Change that and watch its PS4 trailer

This third-person action isn't exactly well known, but those who do know about can't stop thinking about what would have become of this title if it had been allowed to bloom into a franchise. "Oh god yeah please. A fully fleshed out game," begged one of several fans. "The only issue I could see with a sequel is they may try to adhere to the FPS standards of adding multiplayer PvP and sh*t (which would be awful)."

There's few people here who don't agree that The Order: 1886 is an underrated banger. Unfortunately, though, the game didn't receive favourable reviews due to its "short campaign length", as well as its quicktime heavy interactivity. Granted, it wasn't perfect, but few games ever are and they still get sequels.

Nonetheless, if a continuation of the first game is ever to happen, the studio making it is left in question, as another player pointed out during discussions. "Unfortunately, Ready At Dawn Studios is no longer owned by Sony."

That isn't to say that a sequel can't be made, simply that it might not have the same essence as the first if another studio takes up the mantle. Maybe that would help it garner more praise, but we fear it would make for a disappointing extension to a game that has plenty of merits when we use hindsight to view it.

As gamers, we've become accustomed to longing for a sequel that never comes; it's undoubtedly the most difficult part of the medium.

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