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PlayStation Plus new free game is guaranteed to make you cry your eyes out

PlayStation Plus new free game is guaranteed to make you cry your eyes out

Tissues will be needed

Weeping uncontrollably while gaming may not be an experience everyone cares for. However, if you’re prepared to need a tissue or several, this free game is a must-play.

PlayStation Plus will soon welcome an array of new free games for subscribers to enjoy, and among them is an acclaimed indie darling beloved for its emotive experience.

Yes, even though this game comes with the risk of making you cry, that doesn’t take away from how incredible the narrative is. In fact, it’s because of its relatability that it’s become so popular.

Prepare for a beautiful, emotive journey with Before Your Eyes.

Before Your Eyes launched in 2021, with a spiritual successor to its immersive tale on the way.

“The story begins after your death, aboard the ship of a mythical Ferryman tasked with shepherding souls to the afterlife. In order to help you pass on, he must first learn the story of your life. And so, he sends you back to relive your most important moments.”

Driven by your blinks – no, really – this experience places you in an intriguing position as you navigate the world with your eyes and their movements so yes, you'll need a PS VR2.

But to shrink the game down to merely its innovative controls ignores all the wonderful narrative components that makes it the triumph it is.

But don’t just read my words – read the ones from other fans as well.

“I found this game randomly when watching a video about memory loss. Glad I did. This is a work of art. Short but every second of it is worth it. It keeps you hooked until the credits roll,” reads one of many positive Steam reviews.

Over on YouTube, one player shared their experience of the game through a personal and recent loss.

They said, “Played it two weeks after the passing (brain cancer) of my wife of 27 years. Oof - what a gut punch! [...] Hard to explain why something this sad feels so damn uplifting and affirming when I'm already grieving so much to begin with. But it does... oh, it does so much.”

Before Your Eyes will be available for PS Plus Premium members as a PS VR2 title from 6 June.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Warner Bros

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