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PlayStation Plus subscribers can now download a bonus May freebie

PlayStation Plus subscribers can now download a bonus May freebie

An extremely popular game that launched last year has received a free piece of DLC

Dave The Diver, an indie title currently available on PlayStation Plus Extra, has received a free update that contains a crossover with a fairly major movie character.

The crossover in question is with the legendary lizard Godzilla, star of such movies as Godzilla (2014), Godzilla Vs Kong and of course, Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. The DLC comes with three new missions that are themed directly around the character, and also adds new dishes based around Godzilla and his fellow kaiju, Ebirah. There's even Godzilla figurines that you can find at the bottom of the ocean, along with a series of updates and improvements that make the game feel even better to play.

Take a look at Dave The Diver in action below.

The update can be downloaded by anybody who owns the game, but if you have Dave The Diver through PlayStation Plus Extra then you can play everything for free for as long as you subscribe to the service.

However, there is a pretty big downside here. Due to what is presumably licenses surrounding Godzilla themselves, and a complicated quagmire of rights issues, the DLC is only available until the 23 November 2024. If you've claimed the content by then, then you're able to download the DLC whenever you want, and it won't be taken away from you when it expires. But you need to make sure that you claim it before that date, or else you'll completely lose your chance to play against the big lizard himself, and you wouldn't want to disappoint him like that, would you?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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