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PlayStation Plus users surprised with bonus free download of a 2024 banger

PlayStation Plus users surprised with bonus free download of a 2024 banger

Don't miss out on this epic title at no extra cost

Being a PlayStation Plus member is starting to pay off these days with the service regularly dropping some banger titles such as this 2024 favourite.

As well as May’s original PlayStation Plus lineup, this month also saw an additional 13 titles added to the service and the majority of fans seemed pretty happy with the selection.

Check out the Persona 3 Reload trailer below!

However, on top of these new library entries, Sony has also added a bonus free download for subscribers and it’s not one to miss out on.

First released way back in 2006, Persona 3 was the fourth main instalment in the much-loved Persona series and recently saw a reboot released in February of this year.

Now titled Persona 3 Reload, this remake of the original RPG is free to download for all PlayStation Plus subscribers in the way of a 3-hour gameplay trial with any progress and trophies carrying over to the full game.

For those unfamiliar with the game, players will take on the role of the main character who is able to use Persona powers to summon helpful allies during battle.

Taking place during the Dark Hour, a mysterious hidden hour taking place between one day and the next, we follow our MC and his student friends as they fight against evil forces using their abilities.

The captivating reimagining of Persona 3 comes with updated graphics, modernised quality-of-life upgrades and Persona’s signature UI style.

With Persona 6 currently in the works, this will be the perfect time to catch up with the series (although catching up with all 20 titles may be a bit of a stretch).

As it stands, Persona 3 Reload sits at an impressive “overwhelmingly positive” score on Steam with fans praising its emotional story, epic gameplay and improved features.

Our very own Sam Cawley called it “a remake full of life and soul” in his review.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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