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PlayStation gamers, you've less than 24 hours to grab a massive free game

PlayStation gamers, you've less than 24 hours to grab a massive free game

Baller move

PlayStation gamers everywhere are being urged to get their hands on a pretty substantial free game before it's gone forever.

Okay, not gone forever, but it'll probably be a while before you can grab it for free again. And really, who wants to fork out £70 for a game if they don't have to?

Over on the PlayStation Plus subreddit, fans are reminding those who may have forgotten that tomorrow (18 June) is our last chance to get one of 2023's most popular video games.

Tomorrow at 10am BST you'll no longer be able to download and keep EA Sports FC 2024 for free via PlayStation Plus. Okay, so if you're not a football fan you probably don't care much about this one, but a free game is a free game.

Also worth noting you don't need to download and play EA Sports FC 2024 before 10am to get it for free, you simply need to claim it. At that point it remains in your library and can be downloaded and played at any time for as long as you remain a paid-up member of PlayStation Plus.

It's worth noting that EA Sports FC 2024 didn't have the smoothest launch, with fans criticising the alleged pay-to-win elements of the game.

However, there's plenty of love for the game's career mode and other new features, making it a solid football game to download. Especially with the Euros having well and truly kicked off.

EA Sports FC 2025 has yet to be officially announced, but we'd imagine that something will be shown sooner rather than later given these games typically release around September. Till then, don't miss out on the latest instalment.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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