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PlayStation free download is perfect if you loved PT

PlayStation free download is perfect if you loved PT

Get some more scares in right before Christmas – festive cheer, be damned!

Every horror game is essentially living in the shadow of P.T. at this point. This isn’t to say other horrors aren’t brilliant – have you seen how incredible Alan Wake 2 is? – but that many horrors try to mimic P.T. and fail.

If you’re craving some more P.T. goodness, there’s a free PlayStation download that will satisfy that need and then some. As far as we can see, it’s as close to P.T. as you can get without actually playing the doomed Silent Hill playable teaser.

Are you ready for Luto?

Luto is currently available on the PS Store as a free-to-download demo, allowing you to test out your mental fortitude before diving into the full game upon its release. After all, nobody wants to fall victim to a case of the heebie-jeebies embarrassingly quickly after purchasing a new horror game. Hopefully, by playing the demo, you can eliminate that embarrassment, and make sure you’re prepared for the full game.

Those of you who watch a lot of YouTube will have seen CJUGames play the Luto demo last year, with the YouTuber quite impressed by the scares it provided. In response to their video, one viewer said, “We mock the idea of the sheet ghosts, but that was one of the scariest enemies I've seen in a while. The animations really helped, of course. It looked human, and the walking animation was so menacing and realistic. I'm impressed!”

Many other viewers said much the same, with Luto already a hit ahead of an unknown launch date. If you want to see how scared you can be by a “sheet ghost”, you don’t even need to be a PS Plus user to download the demo – just head to the PS Store to begin your download. Should you not have access to a console, Steam also has the download available as well, meaning there’s really no excuse to miss out on the spooks Luto brings.

Featured Image Credit: SELECTAVISION, S.L.U., Konami

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