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Terrifying PlayStation 5 system error melts USB ports

Terrifying PlayStation 5 system error melts USB ports

Burn for a burn. That's in the bible

PlayStation 5 users are terrified of a major system error that's reared its head this year. While it's unlikely to have a major impact on most of us, it's definitely something you'll need to look out for.

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But, it turns out, rocking your PlayStation 5 all night long brings with it its own risks. You know, beyond sleeping in and missing your alarm and getting fired by your boss because you came in an hour late blearily mumbling to yourself about goblins and space minerals.

As reported by (via Kotaku), PS5 USB ports are melting in the wake of extended gameplay sessions. This major system error was first documented during the Evo tournament in Las Vegas. We're no strangers to consoles overheating, but to run so hot that part of it melts? That's new.

Of course it's worth pointing out that keeping numerous consoles well ventilated while being in use for the entire day is probably a lot trickier than, say, keeping one console cool in your own home. In other words, this is very unlikely to have a huge effect on you, but it's certainly something to consider if you're one of those freaks that keeps your console pushed up against a wall. You've gotta keep that baby ventilated!

An image of a melted USB port was shared by Twitter user and content creator @cloudraven, showing a controller that has effectively become unusable.

Let this be your reminder to keep those consoles cool and give them lots of space. Less important advice as we leave summer, I guess, but still - nobody wants a busted console.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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