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Classic PlayStation 2 game quietly returns on PS5 to hit us in the nostalgia

Classic PlayStation 2 game quietly returns on PS5 to hit us in the nostalgia

This hit us in the feels

This return of a PlayStation classic has hit us right in the feels.

We feared that the glory days of the PlayStation 2 were behind us, and maybe they still are, in truth. However, the return of PS2 games has given us a revival we weren’t expecting.

As you likely already know, the PS2 is officially back from the dead, thanks to several of its retro games coming to the PS5.

For those interested in modern titles, check out Sonic X Shadow Generations below

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has returned to us, as has Tomb Raider: Legend. However, the game that really has just thinking back on our childhood is Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.

For a lot of gamers, this was their “first game”; that experience that sparked a hobby that has had them hooked ever since. Consequently, seeing it return has them emotional, to say the least.

Sly Cooper is an absolute PS2 classic,” posted Reddit user Alpacarok, “One of the best old school platformers with a very interesting stealth twist.”

You may believe that the only way to play this acclaimed platformer is via PlayStation Plus... but you’d be wrong.

While PS Plus subscribers will be able to play Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus for free, all users can purchase the game for just $9.99 if you so wish.

That’s not a bad price to pay for such a widely praised classic. If you’re doubtful of how an old game such as this holds up, you needn’t be worried.

According to Danvanmarvellfan, “It’s very good and holds up I just played it last night.”

Many fans, from the “bottom of their hearts” are thanking Sony for gifting them this applauded title without the need to stream it.

Sometimes, life throws us an unexpected curve ball, but not today. Today, we get to play a fantastic game we once feared would be lost to time.

Featured Image Credit: Sony