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Palworld PlayStation release quietly teased by developer

Palworld PlayStation release quietly teased by developer

PlayStation may be gaining some friendly Pals pretty soon

Palworld, the creature-collecting, gun-toting RPG, was a blockbuster hit when it dropped for Xbox and PC last year, breaking all kinds of records, left, right, and centre.

While the fever dream has abated somewhat, the game remains popular and has a lengthy roadmap for future content. However, PlayStation fans have been missing out but that’s likely to change.

The first proper expansion for Palworld will be out soon and will take us to a new island.

According to a recent Twitter post, there is a hint that Palworld will be making the jump to PlayStation very soon.

The post came from the game’s global social media manager who tweeted the word ‘Palworld’ surrounded by hearts, specifically white, green, and black hearts.

The tweet continued, “I want to add more hearts, but not sure what colour would about....”

And then they repeated the word ‘Palworld’ this time including blue hearts and said, “Looks good I think,” followed by the side eye emoji.

Of course, it seems obvious that the game would eventually come to PlayStation given the game’s success and it’s an obvious platform to host the title. So, the blue hearts have been taken to mean that we could see a PlayStation release soon.

Many comments surrounding this tease have addressed the fact that the game’s player base has significantly fallen off since the flurry of excitement that saw so many flock to play it.

However, as one Redditor points out in a thread about the tease, “I feel a lot of us are in that boat of have our fill, shelve it, and then come back a few months to a year later. That way we have new stuff to do,”

Games like Palworld will hopefully have some longevity to them because of the long roadmap of new Pals and new features. A release for PlayStation will give the game a shot in the arm and bring back a few fans as talk builds up once again.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc, Sony

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