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Palworld PlayStation 5 release officially teased

Palworld PlayStation 5 release officially teased

Palworld will gather more players

Palworld is one of the standout releases of the year, so far. After its release on Xbox and PC, the monster-taming survival game managed to sell over 15 million copies and, at its peak, was being played by over two million players concurrently on Steam alone.

Since then, the developer Pocket Pair has expressed an interest in bringing the title to PlayStation, ending the short window of console exclusivity for Xbox. When a fan asked Shuhei Yoshida, head of PlayStation indies, whether the game would appear on PlayStation he responded with a simple “yes”. It's not much to go on, but we'll take it.

Palworld saw over 25 millions players at its peak.

The Palworld creators are a small team of only 55 employees and they managed to find a huge amount of overnight success. While the team isn’t talking financials, the game was reportedly made for under one billion yen, but it has since gone on to earn “tens of billions” of yen.

The move to PlayStation would see another bump in earnings and the player base expand. Though the game was marred by controversy, due to its similarities to Pokémon, Palworld managed to capture the hearts of many as it offered a true new-gen experience that Pokémon fans have been asking for.

The past few weeks have been much quieter for Palworld with many players moving on to new games, but Pocket Pair isn’t worried. It knows that players will come back when it begins to release new content. The first multiplayer raid will be coming very soon and should be enough to entice a fair few players.

The game seeing a second wave as high as the first is unlikely, but fans will surely be overjoyed when it finally lands outside of the Xbox ecosystem. Hopefully, cross-play is something high on the list of Pocket Pair as it would help expand the number of players who can work together.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc, Sony

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