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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 free download and new content available now

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 free download and new content available now

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 players can finally download and enjoy the game's New Game Plus update.

At long last, New Game Plus has finally landed in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 alongside a host of other new features.

After it was announced several months ago, Insomniac Games’ Patch 1.002.000 is available to download now, breathing a new lease of life into the game. You can now embark on a New Game Plus playthrough, allowing you to retain all of your upgrades and abilities, but the mode also comes with a few new bells and whistles. You can go beyond the base game level cap thanks to Ultimate Levels, unlock new Symbiote suits via Ultimate Level progression, upgrade your gadgets with golden looks, unlock a new New Game Plus trophy, and unlock both perks in a new shared Suit Tech slot.

Take a look at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in action below.

That’s far from being everything included in this update though. Mission Replay has finally been introduced, hurrah. You can also now change the time of day in the post-game thanks to a new setting, plus you can swap the colour of Spidey’s Symbiote tendrils (also in the ‘Gameplay’ settings). In Photo Mode, an Action Figure Mode has been added - scaling both our Spideys down - while new stickers have also been made available.

There are two new ‘Hellfire Gala’ suits, and you can purchase the new Gameheads Fly N’ Fresh suit pack which includes new suits for both Peter and Miles plus Photo Mode content. This pack will cost you $4.99 so to state the obvious, it’s not included in the free update but has been timed to release alongside it. From 7 March to 5 April, 100% of the proceeds of packs sold will go to the Gameheads charity, up to $1 million. The Fly N’ Fresh Pack will be made free at a later date.

There are also new accessibility features and tweaks regarding audio descriptions, the screen reader, mono audio, captions, in-world text translations, high contrast outlines, high contrast presets, centre dot colour, aim arc colour, target arc colour, motion sensor aiming, UI holds, and the use of the touchpad in combat. This is alongside several bug fixes.

A bug has slipped through the cracks with this update allowing users access to a development menu which, if accessed, could corrupt your saves. Players are advised not to interact with this menu. “There is no risk associated with playing the game as intended”, Insomniac added. A hotfix is in the works and should be on the way soon.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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