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Horizon Zero Dawn remake leaves fans divided

Horizon Zero Dawn remake leaves fans divided

Horizon fans are desperate for a remake of Horizon: Zero Dawn with Forbidden West’s gameplay, though doubt if it's needed.

Horizon fans are desperate for a remake of Horizon: Zero Dawn with Horizon; Forbidden West’s gameplay, though they’re doubtful it’ll ever come.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is undoubtedly a masterpiece and one of the best PlayStation-exclusives, so good in fact it spurred on an obvious sequel, and it’s even getting a Netflix adaptation sometime in the next few years. That being said compared to the newest release the gameplay makes it hard to revisit, which fans think could be solved with a remake.

Check out Horizon: Zero Dawn below

Following the adventures of Aloy discovering who she is and what she’s meant for, Horizon: Zero Dawn drops players into a vast open world filled with danger in the shape of robot dinosaurs. To survive players must master the wilds by foraging for supplies, crafting, climbing for vantage points and generally taking in the gorgeous scenery.

Horizon: Forbidden West improved on the formula dramatically with new gameplay enhancements, many of which were so much better that it made it difficult for fans to revisit the first game.

A Reddit post by Exhaustedfan23 said: “I wish it were possible to remake Horizon: Zero Dawn with Horizon: Forbidden West’s gameplay. I found Horizon: Zero Dawn to be a better game outside of gameplay, where Horizon: Forbidden West has it significantly beat. I was more emotionally invested while playing HZD, but it's hard to go back to that game.”

Many fans agreed, believing the first game wouldn’t even need many changes to bring it up to a modern standard, just some quality-of-life tweaks and graphical boosts.

“There have been rumors and hints that HZD is going to get a remaster/upgrade for PS5, but nothing has been confirmed by Guerrilla Games/Sony. And no clue what would be changed.”

“They could probably update the combat and climbing in HZD to match HFW better, but stuff like the pullcaster and the tools you unlock during the story like the shieldwing and diving mask wouldn't make sense to have in HZD.”

With rumours circulating of a remake on the horizon…get it, it’d be interesting to see what improvements would be made over the original.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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