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PC users can grab $60 of free games right now, no strings attached

PC users can grab $60 of free games right now, no strings attached

PC users can grab $60 of free games right now via the Epic Games Store, no strings attached.

I don’t know about you but I love a freebie and this week sees Epic Games offering players the chance to get their hands on two games for absolutely free.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, we need to keep an eye on our wallets but we also need to make sure we have something to play over the festive period. Luckily for us, Epic Games have us covered by bringing two free games to its PC launcher. Although the games are not widely known about, who would turn down a free game?

Check out the Earthlock trailer below!

The titles in question are Earthlock and Surviving the Aftermath which are both available to download from 16 November until 23 November. With both games usually retailing at $29.99 each, you will be saving a whopping $60 by making use of this deal.

If I haven’t caught your attention yet, the games themselves certainly will. Earthlock is an RPG made by Norwegian studio Snowcastle Games. The indie title is inspired by “the classic 3D RPGs of the late 90s” and is a “fresh take” on the turn-based combat genre. Featuring a diverse bunch of characters, a magical world and epic arena battles, this is not one to miss.

Surviving the Aftermath is perfect for fans of the survival genre as the game tasks you with fighting to survive in a post-apocalyptic future. With resources scarce, you will have to scavenge for supplies and build the ultimate disaster proof colony. However, the work doesn’t stop there as you will also be tasked with protecting your colonists and restoring civilisation to this devastated world.

With Epic Games regularly releasing free games, it is worth keeping an eye on the PC launcher to see what epic (no pun intended) deals they have running next.

Featured Image Credit: Iceflake Studios, Snowcastle Games

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