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PC gamers can grab two free games, yours to keep forever

PC gamers can grab two free games, yours to keep forever

The Epic Games Store has unveiled its latest free games for PC gamers.

PC gamers can currently grab two more free games as the Epic Games Store has now released its latest giveaway offerings.

Let’s begin with what’s arguably the more exciting of the two titles, Invincible Presents: Atom Eve.

This one’s a must-play if you’re a fan of the Invincible series. Released just last year, this game centres around, you guessed it, Atom Eve. It’s part RPG, part visual novel, and sees Eve attempt to figure out how to best use her powers for good.

It’s your job to help her do that, customising her powers using a skill tree. There are also dialogue options which lead to branching narratives, while the combat will most suit those of you who enjoy turn-based gameplay.

The game boasts a very respectable score of 79 over on Metacritic with reviewers praising its entertaining story and clean visuals. It is on the shorter side but given how much is out there to play these days, that’s not always a bad thing.

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The second title is Call of the Wild: The Angler which has a slightly more niche appeal.

Developed by Expansive Worlds, this one is an open-world fishing experience. It’s worth giving a go even if you’ve never fished before, both virtually and in real life.

You’ll get to enjoy some sweet quality relaxing time in the virtual outdoors, potentially becoming a “master angler” along the way.

You can travel to your fishing locations by boat, off-road vehicle or by foot, discovering hidden spots along the way. How peaceful does that sound?

This one has a slightly more middling score of 63 over on Metacritic but hey, you can grab it for no cost at all so it’s hard to complain.

Both PC games are available to grab from now until 28 March at 3pm GMT.

Featured Image Credit: Epic, Skybound Games

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