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PC gamers can grab 17 free games over Christmas, starting with Destiny 2

PC gamers can grab 17 free games over Christmas, starting with Destiny 2

PC gamers are getting spoilt this Christmas

As Hans Gruber says in Die Hard, “Christmas is a time for miracles”, and boy oh boy, is the Epic Games Store proving that point.

As much as everyone is focused on LEGO Fortnite, and with good reason, we might add, there are other goodies coming your way from Epic Games. If you’re a PC player, this one’s for you: there are 17 free games to play over Christmas.

Speaking of Epic Games, don't forget about Fortnite 'Chapter 5'!

They come by way of the Epic Games Store’s ‘Holiday Sale’, with the first title up for grabs from now until the 20 December, when another freebie will rise up and take its place. And what, pray tell, is the free game today? It’s Bungie’s Destiny 2.

According to Twitter user @billbil_kun, the schedule will be as follows:

It’s an impressive line-up even without us knowing what games will transition from heavily discounted to gloriously free; much like Christmas presents, it’s a surprise, only this one isn’t waiting for you under the tree but on your computer.

Gamers are speculating that Deathloop will become one of those free games, although why they’ve decided this is unknown to us. What we can say is that, while the likes of Alan Wake 2 are experiencing a 33 per cent price cut, it’s highly unlikely it’ll become a free game. Santa’s generous, but he’s not that generous.

So, break out the festive snacks and beverages, make yourself comfy on your sofa, and prepare to be so entertained you might just miss Christmas Day as it whizzes by. We’re joking – nobody, not even the most avid gamer can resist the call of festive food and Christmas dinner.

Epic Games Store’s sale will run between now and the new year, with a daily schedule of mystery games coming in to affect after the next surprise title drops.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games, Bungie

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