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Need For Speed Underground 2 gets 'photorealistic' remake you can download free now

Need For Speed Underground 2 gets 'photorealistic' remake you can download free now

Simply stunning rides await

Need For Speed Underground 2 is by no means the most dated looking instalment of the franchise. Still, it’s starting to look a little tired by today’s standards.

You could suffer through it; after all, it doesn’t look that terrible.

But why force yourself to sit through poor graphics when you can relish the splendour of photorealistic graphics.

The NexusMods download ‘Photorealistic Need for Speed Underground 2 does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak.

This mod looks simply stunning – don't delay, check it out now!

As its creator Awesome Mods explains, “Reshade preset for Need for Speed Underground 2 [...] It just uses [the] best shaders available for [the] best enhanced graphics for you.”

Many players believe this to be a “10 out of 10” experience, and, while we’ve yet to play the mod for ourselves, the footage certainly supports that high praise.

This mod is free, as well as being available to download right now if you feel the need to go speeding along in a flashy car. It’s not like we’re going to be doing that in GTA VI anytime soon.

If you crave a return to the classics of the franchise, but with a much-needed contemporary boost, we’ve got an Unreal Engine 5 remake that ticks all those boxes.

What can we say – we can’t get enough of stunning remasters and high-speed races. Sue us.

Speaking of fast cars, our very own Ewan Moore was able to preview the new Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown and described it as “one of this year's best surprises”.

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for more details as they emerge, as it may just outdo the neon lights of Need For Speed Underground 2.

As previously mentioned, this particular Need For Speed download is available from NexusMods.

Featured Image Credit: Awesome Mods – NexusMods

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