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Lara Croft just made an unexpected return in a new free game

Lara Croft just made an unexpected return in a new free game

We didn't expect to see the legendary tomb raider here

We doubt many, if any, predicted Lara Croft would embark on this adventure.

Everyone’s favourite tomb raider has swum the depths, climbed mountains, and generally kicked ass while doing so. And now, she’ll join a free game.

Over the years, the Tomb Raider franchise has visited many locations and environments, but this is by far Lara’s strangest journey to date.

Check out Lara Croft in Hero Wars for yourselves in the trailer below

The beloved heroine has joined Hero Wars.

If you’re not well versed with this game, it’s an online RPG you can play via your smartphones or PC.

Although it’s hugely popular, it’s still surprising to see Lara Croft headed there.

However, this is a time-limited event that will soon pass you by, should you want to savour Lara’s renown skills as an adventurer.

The event will run until 26 May, meaning you only have a couple of days left.

According to Microsoft Start, this is the first event of its kind since the game launched back in 2016.

“Wielding her signature dual pistols, Lara Croft brings reliable, rapid, ranged damage to any party in Hero Wars,” reads the event description.

“She's capable of channelling the power of ancient artefacts to tear through the ranks of any monsters that would get between her and the next ruin to explore.”

Alongside her unique talents, players who participate will be able to “unlock several alternate outfits”, should you want to play dress up while you’re taking down enemies.

Before anyone assumes this event will be easy going, according to those who’ve already joined in, it’s sometimes “too hard”.

If you enjoy a challenge, this is the time to test your mettle.

Lara Croft will be in Hero Wars until 26 May. We can’t say whether she’s destined to return, but at least she seems to be having a fun time while she's there.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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