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Horizon Zero Dawn gets awesome map expansion you can download free

Horizon Zero Dawn gets awesome map expansion you can download free

You'll never go out of bounds again

As massive as Horizon Zero Dawn’s open-world already is, it appears some players wish it was even bigger and thanks to this free map expansion, their wishes have come true.

First released back in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn has stood the test of time with its expansive open-world, engaging combat and likable main character. So much so that its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, arrived in 2022 and was met with equally positive reviews.

Check out the launch trailer for 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn below!

With Horizon Zero Dawn set in such a huge open-world map, it is already easy to get lost but one creator has made it even bigger courtesy of their No World Border mod.

Available to download for free over on Nexus Mods, this mod does exactly what you would expect, it removes the map’s “out of bounds” area meaning you will never see the “You are leaving the play area and should turn back” pop-up.

This will allow players to pass the invisible map border and have the opportunity to explore outside the play area and discover new areas and hidden locations.

The mod is free to download to Horizon Zero Dawn with no other requirements needed.

In related news, it seems the third instalment in the Horizon trilogy is on the way according to recent job listings found online.

As well as rumours of LEGO Horizon Adventures on the horizon (har har), we can also look forward to Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion, a co-op tabletop adventure set before Aloy’s adventures in the Forbidden West.

As for other mods you can download, you can check out this eye-watering next-gen overhaul for Horizon Zero Dawn which adds a much-appreciated graphics boost to the 2017 title. Better yet, it is absolutely free.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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