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Fallout free download unexpectedly replaced with a completely different game

Fallout free download unexpectedly replaced with a completely different game

Epic Games Store has altered its latest free game line-up, which is disappointing if you were hoping to grab a trio of Fallout classics.

If you were planning on downloading Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel for free from the Epic Games Store this week, I regret to inform you that the line-up has just been altered.

Fallout’s isometric trilogy will no longer be given away for free from 22 February, as was originally planned. Instead, PC gamers will now be able to grab Super Meat Boy Forever from 22 to 29 February. I wouldn’t quite say that’s an even trade off, but there’s still fun to be had with Super Meat Boy Forever. Developed and published by Team Meat, this indie platformer hopped on the scene back in 2020. The game began life as a mobile version of 2010’s Super Meat Boy before devs decided to expand it into a full-fledged multi-platform sequel.

2023 delight Disney Illusion Island will certainly appeal to platforming fans.

“Super Meat Boy is back! This time around Meat Boy is always running, literally it's an auto-runner,” the synopsis reads. “You will jump, dive, slide and punch your way through brutal levels and mean boss fights. We designed 5,000+ levels so you can play the game over and over without seeing the same level twice.” Platforming isn’t for everybody but if it is one of your favourite genres, as it is for me, the sheer number of levels on offer means there’s the potential for hours of entertainment.

A quick trip over to Metacritic though reveals that Super Meat Boy Forever’s fun has its limits. The game scored a rather mixed 66. Awarding the game a score of eight, Siliconera wrote, “Like Super Meat Boy, this title is bold and experimental and while Super Meat Boy Forever’s genre does differ, the game manages to hold onto most of what made the last game so compelling to begin with.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Screen Rant awarded a measly score of four, saying, “A lot of Super Meat Boy's charm came out of its level design and platforming gameplay elements. It's a shame that Super Meat Boy Forever is not enjoyable enough to even want to play a second time, and fans would do well to pay no heed to the implication of playing ‘forever’ that's made by the game's ambitious title.” It’s gameplay is very much ‘love or hate’ but hey, the game is free. Give it a whirl.

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