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Elden Ring collides with Horizon Zero Dawn in stunning free open-world RPG

Elden Ring collides with Horizon Zero Dawn in stunning free open-world RPG

Upcoming release Soulframe should appeal to both Elden Ring and Horizon fans, throwing in a pinch of Studio Ghibli for good measure.

If you’ve ever dreamt of mashing together the stunning natural landscapes of Horizon Zero Dawn with the punishing challenge of Elden Ring, with a spoonful of Studio Ghibli’s Princess Monoke thrown in there for good measure, chances are that you’ll enjoy Soulframe.

Developed by studio Digital Extremes, Soulframe is an upcoming free-to-play release from the acclaimed creators of Warframe. It’s due to launch sometime during 2024, although a fixed release date is not yet available. What we do know is that Soulframe will boast a sprawling and detailed open-world and an abundance of lore for you to sink your teeth, or should I say brain, into. Oh, and I mentioned Princess Monoke because you’re accompanied by a very cool wolf companion.

Take a look at Soulframe in action below.

“Washed ashore on the northern isle of Midrath, a new adventure begins. Omen beasts in Ode’n chain bellow in mourning. The voicing trees sag ‘long tortured streams. The worldflesh of Alca splits with rage. Who will find the Silvern Seas and awaken our Ancestors? Who will learn the melodies of soul unbinding, and break the gaunting spellsong? Who will hold in their heart the wanderers, the wild, the world? You will, Envoy,” teases the very poetic synopsis. It’s like being back in a university seminar.

Devs from Digital Extremes say alongside being inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli, they also took note of film The NeverEnding Story, saying in a press release: “With Soulframe’s worldbuilding and thematic elements, we are really looking to go back to our childhood favourites like NeverEnding Story and those elaborate fantasy worlds,” adding, “Our team has a fond love for Miyazaki and Princess Mononoke where there is this idea of nature and humanity colliding and we’ll be exploring a lot of themes around nature, restoration, and exploration in this new title.”

Soulframe is shaping up to be one of 2024’s most intriguing titles so we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on its release date.

Featured Image Credit: Digital Extremes

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