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Nintendo Switch 2 announcement proves Ninty is learning from its mistakes

Nintendo Switch 2 announcement proves Ninty is learning from its mistakes

It will be a lot easier to get the newest handheld

With the Nintendo Switch 2 on the horizon, fans are worried that getting their hands on one might be impossible thanks to scalpers. However, it seems as though Nintendo has a plan in place to avoid this happening again.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo Switch units were difficult to come by with millions of budding players seeking out the handheld console to pass the time.

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Additionally, 2021 saw a global shortage of semiconductors meaning that the Nintendo console was even more difficult to come by and that is without talking about scalpers; people who bought the Nintendo Switch in bulk in order to sell it on at higher prices.

Now with the Nintendo Switch 2 set to arrive soon, fans are understandably worried that it will be almost impossible to get one. However, Nintendo has reassured fans that this will not be the case.

In a Q&A session during a shareholders meeting, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa explained how the company was going to approach any stock shortages.

"As a countermeasure against resale, we believe that the most important thing is to produce a sufficient number to meet customer demand, and this idea has not changed since last year," Furukawa said (via IGN).

"In addition to this, we are considering whether there are any other measures that can be taken to the extent allowed by laws and regulations, taking into account the circumstances of each region."

Additionally, they hope that an abundant supply will help the issue with scalpers.

"Although we were unable to produce sufficient quantities of Nintendo Switch hardware last year and the year before due to a shortage of semiconductor components, this situation has now been resolved," Furukawa said. "At this time, we do not believe that the shortage of components will have a significant impact on the production of the successor model."

News on the Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be revealed at the end of Nintendo’s current fiscal year ending in March 2025.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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