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Hogwarts Legacy meets God Of War in this stunning open-world RPG

Hogwarts Legacy meets God Of War in this stunning open-world RPG

Another magical land is calling to you

Have you ever wondered what a game that marries together the magic of Hogwarts Legacy and the raw drama of The Elder Scrolls VI would be like? If you have, you’re in luck, for an upcoming open-world game has the potential to deliver just that.

Legend of YMIR is an MMORPG that’s slated to be released in autumn 2024, developed by WEMADE. The Korean company will be well-known to RPG players, as it’s released several games over the years, each of which delves into various international and cultural lore, most notably in the MIR titles.

How goes do the Legend of YMIR look?

This new game is said to be the “Northern European reinterpretation” of MIR, with the story developed to follow a more fantasy-based narrative. It’s arguably the most ambitious project the devs have put together thus far, with them utilising Unreal Engine 5 to create the stunning trailer that’s just dropped online.

Those who’ve been following the news for Legend of YMIR will be aware that the inclusion of NFTs has put a lot of would-be gamers off. “Too bad it's probably DOA due to going the NFT blockchain nonsense route,” posted one fan, before adding, “Still, I'll keep an eye on this.”

However, since the NFT announcement was made, no further news regarding NFTs has been made public, leading some to wonder if those plans have been scrapped. The trailer certainly gives away no clues to the answer.

Although we couldn’t find those answers, what we have found is many players who are eager to get their hands on this game. “This game has such nice combat, movement animations, graphics, lighting, atmosphere, it looks like a polished game. So awesome to see it's rare can't wait to play it with all of my friends!!!” said one YouTuber after seeing the trailer. They took the words right out of our mouths: this game looks beautiful.

Now that most people have completed Hogwarts Legacy, they’re in need of another magical game to lose themselves in. And because Elder Scrolls VI is going to last gamers at least 10 years, we’ve got a long wait before that ever sees the light of day. Thank goodness, then, that we have games like Legend of YMIR to look forward to.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Warner Bros. Games

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