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FromSoftware should remake Legacy Of Kain, fans debate

FromSoftware should remake Legacy Of Kain, fans debate

No remake has been announced, but FromSoftware would be a good Legacy of Kain remake choice, right?

Should FromSoftware be in charge of a Legacy of Kain remake? Fans are hotly debating this, and, for the most part, quite a few are on board with those Dark Souls vibes.

The reason this debate is raging so fiercely is because people have a lot of opinions on the narrative retelling of a Legacy of Kain remake, largely due to the fact that Dark Souls games aren’t the best at spinning a good yarn. Don’t misunderstand, FromSoftware has created a franchise that oozes atmosphere, tingles the spine, and has you wanting to smash your controller on the floor when yet another boss defeats you. However, it’s not big on storytelling, at least, not in the same way the original Legacy of Kain titles were.

Imagine Legacy of Kain bosses like this Elden Ring one!

“From a visual perspective yes, from a gameplay perspective hell no - personally I'd like to see Sony Santa Monica tackle it,” said Redditor andurilmat in response to the OP. In their opening post, the OP said, “My husband just made a good point; Who better to tackle a remake of the Legacy of Kain than FromSoftware? Elden Ring and Souls have basically the same feel and atmosphere, and can you even imagine how awesome the monster designs of Soul Reaver would be with a visual update?”

There’s a lot to like in their suggestion, especially when looking at the sheer scope, scale, and stunning aesthetics of Elden Ring. A game that, while not necessarily holding your hand throughout the whole thing, had a storyline players could and did follow. Besides, even if FromSoftware didn’t make such a remake, its style would surely influence how the game looks, much like with the upcoming Lords of the Fallen. It makes Elden Ring look tame, seriously.

What is more, the characters, monsters, and environments would be awe-inspiring to behold as FromSoftware is sure to nail the mood of Legacy of Kain without issue. As one user said, “On the one hand, I think FromSoftware would do Justice to a Soul Reaver remake. On the other hand, Souls games are hard…” They’re not wrong. Though, in my case, I suck at games on any difficulty above normal, mostly because I don’t hate myself and actually want to enjoy the game rather than scream at it.

Right now, fans are at an impasse. There’s general agreement that a remake would be incredible, and that’s about as far as it goes; for all the ones who support FromSoftware getting such a gig, there are just as many gamers who say no. Will the debate ever reach a conclusion? Probably not, let’s be real about it.

Featured Image Credit: Eidos Interactive

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