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Elden Ring: Prepare To Die Hard mod makes the game even harder

Elden Ring: Prepare To Die Hard mod makes the game even harder

Prepare to die... again

You might not know this, but FromSoftware games are actually quite hard. I know, I know - a shocking revelation for us all.

Whether you're getting your arse handed to you on a plate in Dark Souls or being a mechanised masochist in Armored Core 6, FromSoftware always bring the pain. Elden Ring is, of course, no exception - and now there's a new free download that manages to make the open-world game even harder.

Take a look at Elden Ring's terrifying boss battle royale below!

Quite why anyone would actively choose to make Elden Ring harder for themselves is quite beyond me. While in many ways it's the least forgiving FromSoftware game thanks to the fact you can explore pretty much anywhere and are rarely stuck fighting the same boss until you can progress, it's still capable of plenty of punishment. I still maintain the Fire Giant is the worst thing FromSoftware has ever done.

If you're really keen on amping up the challenge for yourself even more though, there's a mod designed to do exactly that. Lucky you, you absolute freak of nature.

Elden Ring: Prepare To Die is an aptly named mod that does one very simple thing: it adds a hard mode to the game. Now, I'm sure the same people that bitch and moan that adding an easy mode would be an affront to FromSoftware's vision feel the same about a hard mode, so let's just assume you're a normal person and continue on.

This fiendish mod does all the things you'd expect to make the game harder: it improves enemy AI, buffs their damage, health, and overall resistance, and makes it so that you can only fast travel to a much more limited number of areas.

If you really want to do this to yourself, you can go and download the latest version from NexusMods. Just be warned: this one really isn't for the faint of heart.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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