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Elden Ring has a stupidly fast levelling up trick to get you ready for DLC

Elden Ring has a stupidly fast levelling up trick to get you ready for DLC

New Elden Ring players will need to learn this trick before the DLC

For those gearing up to explore the Lands Between for the first time, there’s an easy Elden Ring level-up strat you need to know about.

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree’s second trailer dropped yesterday, a month before its release, that shed a bit of light on the story we’ll be experiencing when we play next month.

Check out the Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree story trailer below

If FromSoftware’s aim was to speed up the hype-train, it did the job as Elden Ring has once again seen a surge of players on Steam, and hopefully a large chunk of those are new players.

Now if you’re one of those new players reading this, check out this guide from GAMINGbible’s own Dan Lipscombe on things you might not have known you could do early in the game, it’s a good read.

For those looking to get stuck in though and level-up quickly, there’s a handy tip you can be given for a quick and simple boost to your levels. That being said, I'd urge you to experience the game at your own pace if possible, but it’s your game, so do what you want with it.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by GamerFuzion, the user outlines a well-known exploit you can do very early on in the game.

It involves an enormous dragon found in the Dragon Barrow area, just to the North of Caelid (the hellish red nightmare land, you won’t miss it).

After locating the dragon, move to its back legs and equip any weapon that has a bleed ability, then just go to town.

It has a lot of health but it won’t fight back, and once it dies it’ll drop an extraordinary amount of runes, even more if you have any items equipped that increase the amount of runes dropped by enemies.

You can even join another player’s world, and if they haven’t killed the dragon themselves yet you can help out and get even more, which is a rapid-fast way of tearing through the game’s early levels.

It’s a well-known trick to veteran players, though newbies will want to learn it for their first few playthroughs.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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