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Dragon Ball Sparking Zero is a What-If? fan's dream

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero is a What-If? fan's dream

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to make all of your fan-fictions come through

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to give players more freedom over Dragon Ball’s story than ever before leading to some crazy What-If encounters.

The next entry in the Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi series, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, will boast a huge story mode covering key battles and events from early Dragon Ball Z all the way up to Dragon Ball Super.

Check out the Dragon Ball Sparking Zero trailer below

While I’m sure Dragon Ball fans around the world are excited to replay the DBZ story for the umpteenth time, in addition to DBS which hasn’t been done in a game before, there’s something ever greater on the horizon, what-if?

The majority of Dragon Ball games have some sort of iteration on what-if storylines, hell the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games are built around that concept entirely.

However previous games have essentially made what-if stories bonus content, but Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to weave this idea into the Dragon Ball canon like never before.

During my hands-on session with the game, I was informed thar the story mode will be segmented into various character stories, much like Dragon Ball Budokai 3. When playing the stories you’ll follow familiar story beats like Raditz landing on Earth, the battle with Frieza on Namek, all the way up the finale of Dragon Ball Super, the Tournament Of Power.

Now you can choose to play the story as it happens in the show, or, every now and then you’ll have an option to change the story in a huge way. An example is the start of the game, where Goku is supposed to team up with Piccolo to fight Raditz. At this point you can tell Piccolo to stay behind, presumably leading to a different battle and story.

You can also create your own What-If battles in a separate mode, where you’ll be able to choose characters, stages, win conditions, battle titles and more. You’ll even be able to share your created stories online for other players to try themselves.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to be a What-If fan’s dream come true, and will hopefully lead to some truly remarkable battles that no one could have seen coming.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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