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Death Note video game appears online ahead of official reveal

Death Note video game appears online ahead of official reveal

This is big

A Death Note video game is seemingly on the way, following some mysterious new trademarks.

Death Note is one of the most popular manga and animes going, telling a unique tale of a psychopathic called Light finding a mysterious book that’ll kill anyone, all you have to do is write their full name in it.

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It’s one part thriller, one part detective series, as several characters are on Light’s heels trying to expose him for the murderer he really is.

However despite its popularity the series has rarely ventured so far as to let you become Kira, or his super sleuth rival L, in a video game.

That being said Light has appeared in games before, like a DS game in 2007 and having a prominent role in 2019’s now delisted Jump Force game, which saw a variety of Shonen Jump manga and anime series like Dragon Ball Z and One Piece crossing over for a multiversal action adventure.

Now though it seems like Death Note is finally getting its own video game adaptation, as Shueisha Inc. has filed for new trademarks for the series, including what could be the title of the game.

As spotted by Exputer online, trademarks for “DEATH NOTE” and “DEATH NOTE KILLER WITHIN” have both been filed, with the latter likely being the name of the game.

Of course there’s also the possibility that it could be a new series, or an animated film or maybe even another live-action adaptation for Netflix (hopefully not), but “Killer Within” sounds like it’ll be a more interactive experience.

So Death Note fans keep an eye out for news and keep your fingers crossed that we could finally get the Death Note game we’ve always dreamed of, and hopefully one that lets us make our own decisions as Kira.

Featured Image Credit: Shueisha Inc.

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