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Assassin's Creed fans seriously hyped over latest announcement

Assassin's Creed fans seriously hyped over latest announcement

Assassin's Creed could be expanding even further with a potential new game

Could Ubisoft be working on another Assassin’s Creed game? If the latest announcement from the publisher is to be believed, it would seem so, and, naturally, fans are beyond hyped about this news.

To be clear, Ubisoft Bordeaux, the devs behind Assassin’s Creed Mirage, haven’t posted an official game reveal or teaser. That being said, it is hiring a lot of new talent, most notably with its new lead writer Rik Godwin; speculation is now rife that all this new blood must be for more than DLC for the franchise.

“The Bordeaux studio is hiring and expanding a lot, with new buildings being in construction for a year or so, as of now, and that will host them soon. I guess it's not to make only DLC anymore but games for sure,” posited one excited gamer in response to the potential news of a new instalment.

We already know there are many AC irons in the fire, so to speak, with AC Codename Red, Hexe, and Jade all being worked on in some capacity. It could be that these new hires are simply a reflection of an already heavy workload, or that yet another project is being lined up for the future.

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Many believe that this “latest announcement” is a result of how successful Mirage has been, with Bordeaux proving that it has what it takes to make exceptionally good AC titles. However, some believe that the process of making more unknown sequels was already in the works, with Mirage’s success just speeding up the process.

Whatever the reason for this thrilling news, players hope the current AC format remains the same, “I hope they settle with the format of rotating between one RPG game and a smaller one more focused on stealth. I love both styles and would hate for one of them to get trashed because of the other,” explained Redditor Tartarium.

All we can say now is that we’re excited to see where this new development goes, and pray it’s not just a rumour founded on nothing but the hopes and dreams of a fandom.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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