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Apple officially adds USB-C to new iPhone, still finds way to make it extra expensive

Apple officially adds USB-C to new iPhone, still finds way to make it extra expensive

Apple has introduced several USB-C products for the new iPhones, all of which will cost you a decent amount of cash.

Apple has officially gone all-in on USB-C cables, and while it should make it easier to charge your new iPhone, they’ve still found a way to get you to pay more for it.

The majority of devices you find nowadays utilise USB-C, whether it be your phones, video game controllers, some laptops and more.

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Recently, Apple decided to introduce USB-C charging to their latest iPhone models, the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. Up until this point though, Apple devices used Lightning cables to charge themselves, meaning there’ll be a lot of people having to switch to USB-C.

Luckily, Apple has a solution, and as you’d expect, it’ll cost you. The company is now selling brand-new USB-C to Lightning Adapters, which will let you plug in your Lightning cable and still be able to charge your phone.

These dongles are selling for $29.99, which isn’t cheap by any means, and can be purchased from Apple stores and select retailers.

For those who are happy to leave Lightning chargers behind, Apple has a solution for that as well, two USB-C charging cables at two different lengths. The one-meter charging cable will set you back $19, giving you 60 watts of charging power. Alternatively, you could splurge for the two-meter cable, which costs $29 and will charge your phone with 240 watts of power.

Now, if you read through those options and scoffed at the charging power, don’t worry, Apple has yet another solution, because, of course, they do. Consumers who really want the best of the best can buy the Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable for an extraordinary $69. The cable is one-meter long, supports data transfers up to 40Gbps, and also boasts fast charging at 100 watts.

How on earth Apple has managed to make charging cables so complicated, and expensive, is beyond me, but at least there are a few different options for long-time Apple fans.

All previously mentioned cables can be purchased right now.

Featured Image Credit: Apple

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