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Pingu Has Been Added To 'Elden Ring’, Because Nothing Is Sacred

Pingu Has Been Added To 'Elden Ring’, Because Nothing Is Sacred

A fan has turned Pingu into an Elden Ring boss in a Unity animation, and it's very cursed.

Elden Ring is full of some horrifying creatures, big and small. From the creepy Pests scuttling about (and being general nightmares) in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, to Caelid’s terrifying Monstrous Dogs - FromSoftware’s open-world title might not be a horror game, but some of its designs could quite easily have been ripped straight out of one.

Before we get into it, take a look at some of the funniest Elden Ring mods below.

Well, just when you thought the Lands Between couldn’t get any more sinister, one fan-made Unity project has seen a particularly formidable foe added to the game as a boss. As you’ll undoubtedly have read in the headline, yes, it’s Pingu - everyone’s favourite claymation penguin has truly never looked so menacing as he raises his flipper to strike down some poor Tarnished with a single blow.

As VG247 writes, this work of art was inspired by a remix of Mozart’s ‘Lacrimosa’ made to sound like Dark Souls boss music, which in itself was created on the back of the ominously staring Pingu meme which has been circling around online lately. The internet is a beautiful place. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t a mod which you can download and experience for yourself, as it’s simply a video project, but there’s little doubt that some modder out there is going to work to make this dream a reality now that the video exists. In the meantime, there’s already a whole host of very cursed Elden Ring mods just waiting to be discovered.

Featured Image Credit: HIT Entertainment, Adrian Mendez via YouTube

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