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PewDiePie Responds To MrBeast Overtaking His YouTube Subscriber Record

PewDiePie Responds To MrBeast Overtaking His YouTube Subscriber Record

Battle of the brands

Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg is, as I'm sure you know, the most-subscribed-to content creator on YouTube. But it would appear that someone else is closing in on that crown fast.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is rapidly catching up to Kjellberg. If you spend any time at all on the internet, you'll no doubt be familiar with the name. Donaldson is one of the biggest content creators on the planet right now, and his fame grew to new heights when he released his ambitious - if controversial - IRL recreation of the Squid Game competition.

As pointed out by Dexerto, MrBeast's main YouTube channel is currently just shy of 90 million subscribers. PewDiePie has an incredible 111 million, having been the first YouTuber to reach the 100 million mark back in 2019.

According to channel stats compiled by SocialBlade, MrBeast is picking up over half a million new subscribers a week, which equals 2.3 million per month. In 2021 alone, he nabbed 37 million subscribers as the fastest growing channel on the platform. Assuming he can maintain that pace, he could well be on track to overtake PewDiePie within the year.

In a recent video after a brief break, PewDiePie didn't seem too fussed about MrBeast's growing subscriber count. Responding to a meme that MrBeast would be the next enemy of PewDiePie's ongoing "subscriber war", the YouTuber joked that he would have to start new drama with MrBeast by dropping a diss track.

“I guess I’m gonna have to start my next drama with MrBeast,” he said. “Diss track coming — nah, I’m just joking. I’m not gonna do that.”

A world with no YouTube drama honestly sounds like the kind of world I want to live in forever.

Featured Image Credit: PewDiePie/MrBeast

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