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PC hit ported to Xbox and PlayStation, free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers

PC hit ported to Xbox and PlayStation, free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers

It's about to get cosy and organised up in here

PC gamers might occasionally miss out on launches, but more often than not, they’d argue they get the better gaming experience. Since the rise of Steam, you’ll find a lot of indie darlings being released there before hitting the consoles.

Although it’s true that some PC players are turning off their towers just so they can play GTA VI, few are tempted by the idea of consoles – why would they be when they can enjoy hit adventure before us console gamers?

It’s felt like a long time coming, but one of those games we previously missed out on is finally headed to both Xbox and PlayStation, though it’s fair to say that Xbox Game Pass subscribers get the better deal from this port.

Feel your mind empty and your anxiety reduce as you play A Little to the Left

Described as a “whimsical puzzle game”, this title is able to “elegantly combine simplicity with a deep sense of satisfaction”, which to our mind sounds like the perfect combination. If that doesn’t sell you on how good this puzzle game is, what about this rave review: “Helps me unlock dopamine by achieving things like tidying up my life while the things i need to tidy remain untidied in the background of my life.”

Haven’t guessed what this port is yet? It’s for A Little to the Left, a cosy organisation simulator that has “very positive” feedback on Steam; there’s not many who don’t sing the praises of this gem.

We rarely need an excuse to treat ourselves, but when you can get this cutie just after Valentine’s Day 2024, it seems rude not to download A Little to the Left. As mentioned before, Game Pass players get this treat free of charge, but even those paying won’t be able to grumble at this indie title’s reasonable price.

Feeling down? Stressed out? The vast majority of the gamers who’ve immersed themselves in this wholesome world can’t get enough of its soothing sounds and relaxing puzzles. If you want to feel that at peace, you only have until 15 February before A Little to the Left comes to Xbox and PlayStation.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Microsoft, Secret Mode

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