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Godzilla Has Appeared In 'Microsoft Flight Simulator', And We're Here For It

Godzilla Has Appeared In 'Microsoft Flight Simulator', And We're Here For It

Microsoft Kaiju Simulator

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has won an awful lot of praise since releasing last month for its attention to detail. The aviation sim is billed as a straight-laced, fully realistic video game in which you can fly anywhere in the world, with many iconic locations across the planet given plenty of attention to detail. Of course, if you don't care about any of that you can simply go and download a mod that adds Godzilla to the game.

You read that right, friends. The legendary King Of Monsters has made his way into the Asobo Studios-developed title thanks to one of the best mods I've seen this year. Modder Sergio Perea has made it so that Godzilla can be found dipping his scaled feet around San Francisco's Bay Bridge. I suppose even kaiju need a holiday every now and then... although it's going to pretty tricking for him to quarantine when he gets back to Japan.

Microsoft Flight Simulator /

While impressive, I should point out that this particular mod doesn't make it so that Godzilla can suddenly tear it up through San Francisco. Perea's mod essentially adds a giant Godzilla statue into the game that simply stands there as you fly past, so don't worry about it suddenly reaching up to smash your plane into the side of a building or anything like that.

If by some miracle your PC is able to run Microsoft Flight Simulator properly and has room for anything more than the base game, you can download it from Nexus Mods - just follow the installation instructions.

Hopefully Perea continues to add more iconic monsters to other cities across Microsoft Flight Simulator. It'd be awesome to see King Kong chilling out by the London Eye, or to see Mothra fluttering near the Eiffel Tower.

Microsoft Flight Simulator /
Asobo Studios, Microsoft Flight Simulator

In our time spent with Microsoft Flight Simulator so far, we've been super impressed with just how detailed and truly beautiful the game is. "When you pull away from the airstrip and rise past 10,000 feet in Microsoft Flight Simulator it can be distracting how good this game looks," our very own Julian Benson wrote.

"The ground below looks photorealistic, that's because it is literally textured with photos taken from Bing Maps. The clouds around you are perfectly formed volumetric puffs of vapour that break up the sky exactly as you hope they would. And when you're flying at dawn and the sun flares into your vision it makes the whole game look majestic."

All that plus Godzilla? We have a GOTY contender, guys.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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