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Nintendo Switch owners can grab two of the best RPGs ever made free this month

Nintendo Switch owners can grab two of the best RPGs ever made free this month

Here comes the sun

Two of the best and most underrated RPGs are soon to be released as part of Nintendo’s

Switch Online subscription and Expansion Pack, and this is your call to get them played. So many RPGs have become household names to fans over the years. You’ve got your Final Fantasy, the Dragon Quests, and Kingdom Hearts. All of these owe a little something to the Golden Sun franchise, an RPG surrounded by nostalgia and for good reason. While the series hasn’t taken over quite like the aforementioned RPGs, it deserves a place in the modern lexicon and definitely warrants your time when the first two games release for Nintendo Switch on 17 January.

All modern RPGs owe a little something to Golden Sun

These two games were initially released for the Game Boy Advance in 2001 and 2002 respectively. The first game takes place in the world of Weyard and follows the journey of Isaac as he and his companions attempt to foil a plan to release an evil magical power across the lands. The sequel takes place 30 years later and follows the progeny of the original game’s heroes.

Upon release, Golden Sun was lauded by critics and has since found a lot of love with players. Oddly, it’s a series that hasn’t seen the number of iterations as something like Final Fantasy which recently released its 16th installment. And that’s a very frustrating situation for fans; the two games feature some of the best writing we saw on the Game Boy Advance, along with a magical score from Motoi Sakuraba.

The series has languished somewhat by the difficulty in modern audiences being able to play the games. Until now, you needed to own a Game Boy Advance and the original cartridges. Thankfully, with this rerelease through the Nintendo Switch, the series can find some new fans and garner more attention.

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