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Nintendo Switch Has Sold Staggering Number Of Units, Nearly As Popular As PS4

Nintendo Switch Has Sold Staggering Number Of Units, Nearly As Popular As PS4

Reports find that the Switch is a more popular generation eight console that we could have guessed.

The Switch was late to the generation eight party. Released in 2017, eight years after the Xbox One and three years before the gen nine consoles, Nintendo's portable beast was cutting it fine timewise. Like with the Wii before it, though, Nintendo was right to bank on its loyal fanbase to gravitate to innovation at the expense power.

A recent finding has shown that the console did even better than we once thought. Unlike with the Wii-U before it, Nintendo must have done something right with the Switch - it's still selling well, now topping 111 million units sold, with demands still high.

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The news came today (August 3rd), when Nintendo released their financial results from the first quarter of the fiscal year (ending in March). Video game industry news source Nibellion simplified the findings on Twitter with bullet points.

To put those numbers into comparison, the PlayStation 4 has sold an estimated 117 million units (according to PlayStation Lifestyle) which is almost unfathomable that the Switch would be closing in on it when you consider the sheer popularity of Sony's last-gen console. As well as the news that Switch sales are now at 111.08 million, and demand remains stable, they report that this year's sales decline is only due to a shortage of semiconductors. Once this issue is sorted, Nintendo hopes Switch sales will continue to soar.

The report also revealed that the Switch has sold over 863.59 million units of software. This must have something to do with huge new releases like Pokémon Legends: Arceus and enduring titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which was ported from the Wii-U. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was also a bestseller, and it came at a time when we all needed comfort (peak pandemic).

That a console can do so well so long after its release is a testament to Nintendo's selling abilities. It looks like they learned from the Wii-U in this area, and remain dedicated to pushing the Switch to its limits.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo, Erik Mclean via UnSplash

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