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New Need For Speed Game Footage Appears Online

New Need For Speed Game Footage Appears Online

The Need For Speed they don't want us to see.

Criterion Games announced that it is developing a new Need For Speed game, rumoured to be scheduled for release this year, however, we’ve seen very little of it. 

While screenshots emerged showing the overworld map, and one or two cars, that’s all the information we’ve seen from the project, except for the latest news that Codemasters are now on board. However, the newest leaks which appear to have come from a play test, are probably not from the upcoming mainline series game at all. Showing off just under a minute of footage, it certainly looks like the Need For Speed we know and love.

EA Gothenburg did an excellent remake of Criterion’s Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Check it out in the video below.

The new leak comes via Reddit, from a user who took the footage from a Discord server. The play test was supposedly conducted via a third party and is being developed by one of the studios under the world’s largest games publisher Tencent. 

The watermark and IDs that have been blocked out relate to the person play testing, and if discovered can be traced back to the person who recorded the footage. From what we can see the footage comes from a new mobile Need For Speed game - Tencent’s bread and butter - and currently has three cars the McLaren F1, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJR and the Gallardo.

There reportedly won’t be a story in the mobile game, and also no cops. The map has been taken from 2019’s Need For Speed: Heat, and has been developed in the Unreal Engine 4. The handling will be like Tencent’s earlier free-to-play Need For Speed title Edge, though it has not been announced if the latest game will also be an MMO or free-to-play.

The play test took place on iOs, with no details if it will also be available for Android.

Featured Image Credit: Criterion Games

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