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New Dragon Ball series officially announced, coming next year

New Dragon Ball series officially announced, coming next year

Time to go super saiyan

Dragon Ball fans rejoice, just announced at New York Comic Con we now know there's a new series coming in 2024 called Dragon Ball: Daima.

The footage shown sees a de-aged Goku, along with the usual band of heroes; Vegeta, Bulma, Krillin and even a nice appearance from Shenron. The animation is gorgeous and is drawn by Akira Toriyama, while telling a story "never told before in Dragon Ball." Which has fans excited.

Dragon Ball is no stranger to video games

Interestingly, Toriyama announced that his involvement with the new show would reach "beyond his usual capacity" which could mean he will oversee much more of the story or direct more of the animation.

In the footage we see Shenron appear and say "Now, state your wish", after the Dragon Balls have drifted across the screen, then Goku and Vegeta are de-aged visually. Whether this is part of the plot, we'll have to wait and see. Getting to see the cast in this chibi-style is intriguing and has the Dragon Ball fan in me incredibly excited.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news since Dragon Ball Super concluded and they released the Super Hero movie. This is a unique direction to move in and one that may end up becoming the next generation of Dragon Ball, hopefully providing a nice jumping on point for newcomers to the show.

Fans are, understandably, linking the new footage to Dragon Ball GT, which ran in the late 90s as an anime-exclusive show, not adapting the Manga, which was the usual tradition. The fact that it's stated we're getting an all new tale, does lend weight to a GT-type of show. Whether it exists alongside any possible future Dragon Ball Super movies, or becomes the mainline show is information we don't yet have.

The trailer shows several new planets, Bulma investigating a crashed ship, lots more familiar faces and a throne overlooking screens showing classic footage. Could this be Dragon Ball jumping onto a multiverse concept like so many other franchises?

Featured Image Credit: Fuji TV

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