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Netflix Just Dropped A Bonus Episode Of One Of Its Most Popular Show

Netflix Just Dropped A Bonus Episode Of One Of Its Most Popular Show

Netflix have surprised fans with a bonus episode of one of its most popular shows.

Netflix has released some hugely popular series this year, some old and some new. Bridgerton, Stranger Things, Archive 81 and The Umbrella Academy all dominated Netflix charts for weeks on end but as of late, The Sandman has been the reigning king of Netflix - and the streamer just dropped a surprise bonus episode. Seriously.

Yet to start the series? Check out the incredible trailer for The Sandman below.

Based on Neil Gaiman’s comic book series, The Sandman follows Morpheus - an Endless who after 106 years in captivity must restore his realm, The Dreaming. The ten-episode series released on 5 August to great reviews, ranking at number one on Netflix’s global top 10 titles just three days after release. Not bad for a brand new show.

Well today, Netflix have released a surprise extra episode. You heard me right. An eleventh episode has been released, adapting two Sandman comic stories: ‘A Dream of a Thousand Cats’ and ‘Calliope.’ The first tale stars David Tennant, Michael Sheen, James McAvoy, Sandra Oh and Joe Lycett, to name a few, and is actually an animated story. ‘Calliope’ features Melissanthi Mahit, Arthur Darvill, and Derek Jacobi.

If The Sandman gets another season, which it really should do, it’s likely to be a good few years away so this surprise episode is quite promising as Netflix could bridge the gap by adapting more of Gaiman’s comic tales. There’s your Friday night viewing sorted.

Featured Image Credit: Mollie Sivaram, Charlesdeluvio via Unsplash

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