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MrBeast has a 'clone' so he can be in 'multiple places at once'

MrBeast has a 'clone' so he can be in 'multiple places at once'

MrBeast apparently has a ‘clone’ so that he can be in ‘multiple places at once’.

MrBeast apparently has a ‘clone’ so that he can be in ‘multiple places at once’. Talk about living the dream.

Deep down, I’m sure at some point we’d all wished for a clone. I mean, they’d come in handy to attend boring meetings, family gatherings or to be the start of a legion to take over the world... or is that just me?

Though in saying that, if we had clones to take over the world, they would surely take over our lives and befriend our loved ones. Ok, I admit, I’ve watched too many sci-fi horrors over the years, but as long as your clone behaves itself, it would be a good idea, right?

Real name Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast is one of the hardest working personalities on social media with 137 million subscribers on YouTube, as well as 19 million followers on Twitter and 24 million on Instagram.

Worth a reported $500 million, MrBeast has made the vast majority of his fortune by hosting massive charity events as well as Squid Game-inspired contests. Recently, MrBeast gave 20,000 kids in Africa their first pair of shoes - though soon came under heavy criticism for doing so.

So how on earth does MrBeast keep up with it all? By having a clone, apparently. Well, technically, MrBeast hasn't created an actual clone, more so he’s trained people to be his ‘clone’.

As reported by UNILAD, to keep up with the high demands of the life that he leads, MrBeast has trained people that share his same vision and puts them through training, what he refers to as ‘cloning’. Sorry, it's not as dramatic as we thought.

During an interview with Lex Fridman, MrBeast explained: “I have a lot of people in the company who are able to think like me and basically make decisions like I would make.”

"One example is Tyler [Conklin]. Basically for four or five years we just spent an absurd amount of time together and worked on every single video together... and the same thing with my CEO James, he lived with me for a couple of years.

“I'm a big fan of finding people who are just super obsessed and all in that really just want to be great, and then just dumping everything I have in them.

“For two years, [James] lived with me and we probably talked, on average of those two years, seven hours a day... like really, just training his brain to think like me,” he adds. “That way, he could just do things without my input, without me having to constantly watch over him or give him advice.

“So for the first six months, he didn't do anything. He just studied me and studied everything I cared about and how I spoke. For the next six months, he started taking on some responsibilities and now he can just run the company and I don't ever really have to check in on him.”

While the world might not have an actual MrBeast clone just yet (that we know of), with the amount of money he continues to make, anything is seemingly possible.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast

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