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'Minecraft' Player Spends 2500 Hours Walking Across The Map, Doesn't End Well At All

'Minecraft' Player Spends 2500 Hours Walking Across The Map, Doesn't End Well At All

One Twitch streamer embarked on a 2,500 hour trek across Minecraft's map only for it to end in misery.

It’s been a rocky few months for Minecraft players. Back in July, Mojang outlined their plans to start monitoring private servers leading many fans to start a ‘Save Minecraft’ campaign. Needless to say, the moderation policy hasn’t gone down well but that hasn’t stopped all fans from enjoying the game. One user is on course to complete the game in the weirdest way, and now another fan has revealed what happened after they spent 2,500 hours walking across the map.

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Twitch streamer mysticalmidget began their expedition to the end of Minecraft’s map on 31 January, 2021. As spotted by Twitter’s Jake Lucky, the streamer has since walked across 32 million blocks throughout 2,500 hours of playtime.

After a whopping 20 months of walking, mysticalmidget finally reached the end of their journey which feels like a sure-fire cause for celebration but oh no, that is not the case my friends. Mysticalmidget’s chat went into overdrive as the streamer prepared to take his final step. That’s when everything went horribly wrong.

Mysticalmidget took his final step only to start endlessly falling. The blocks gave way as the map’s textures struggled to load. As if that wasn’t enough, the streamer’s character did a record number of ‘oofs’ just to remind him how disastrous things were. Eventually, mysticalmidget was met with a game over screen. The pain. I cannot imagine the pain. The streamer shortly stormed away from his chair and honestly, I cannot blame him. A valiant effort nonetheless though.

Featured Image Credit: Mojang Studios

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