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Minecraft true next-gen version finally officially announced

Minecraft true next-gen version finally officially announced

It's time to get digging

At long last, Minecraft is making its way to next-gen and some lucky fans can test it ahead of its official release.

The rumour has been circulating for a while and now we have received an official confirmation courtesy of developers Mojang Studios that the much-loved Minecraft is heading to next-gen consoles.

Check out the announcement trailer for Minecraft Legends below!

First released back in 2011, Minecraft has taken the world by storm and the “blocky, pixelated, procedurally generated, three-dimensional world with virtually infinite terrain” has gone on to receive multiple spin-off games, books, tabletop games and even rumours of a movie and television adaptation.

Suitable for all ages, it is no wonder that Minecraft has gone on to receive critical acclaim and it is about to receive another surge in popularity when it finally arrives on the PlayStation 5.

Announced during an official blog post on 20 June, the developers wrote: “We have some exciting news for our PlayStation 5 community! Today we’re launching the first preview of a native version of Minecraft for the Sony PlayStation 5 – and we need your help to test it!”

If you own Minecraft on the PlayStation 4 then you can automatically gain access to the PlayStation 5 test by navigating to Settings > Preview in the game.

The preview includes the new Tricky Trials Update which allows players to dive into the “trial chambers, meet a breeze, craft a mace, and more”.

“As this is a preview version, we’ll need your help in hunting bugs (and we’re not talking about the silverfish spawning from trial spawners), as well as gathering any feedback.”

The PlayStation 5 preview is now live and any bugs can be reported here.

When asked why the developers were finally bringing Minecraft to the PlayStation 5, it said: “We believe that Minecraft is better when more friends can play together, however they want, on whichever device they like. We even welcome players who like to dig straight down into the nearest lava block!”

Featured Image Credit: Mojang Studios

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