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Minecraft graphics overhaul makes the game look fully next-gen

Minecraft graphics overhaul makes the game look fully next-gen

Minecraft looks stunning!

When I think of the most visually impressive video games of the current generation, I mean no disrespect towards the classic from Mojang Studios but Minecraft isn't one that instantly comes to mind.

Originally released in 2011 for PC and mobile devices before arriving on consoles the following year and beyond, to say that Minecraft is phenomenal in the video game industry would be an understatement. Yet after well over a decade, Minecraft is as popular as it ever was.

Check out the Minecraft Legends trailer below!

Year after year, Minecraft evolves and is no longer the mere sandbox crafting survival game that it once was. We’ve had an interactive narrative title from Telltale Games, a strategy offering with Minecraft Legends and the main game remains fresh with all sorts of DLC collaborations from Star Wars, Godzilla, Sonic the Hedgehog and more.

In our review of Minecraft Legends, we said: “It’s an enjoyable, lighthearted hybrid that prioritises exploration as much as tactical battle gameplay. It’s accessible for younger audiences and RTS newbies while still being challenging at later stages in the campaign.”

We’re even getting a Minecraft movie starring Jack Black as Steve. So if you thought that Minecraft would eventually dwindle over time, you’d be mistaken but arguably, talented modders keep Minecraft fresh more than anything else continually breathing new life into the beloved game.

One mod in particular (or I should say several collaborated mods) has worked wonders for Minecraft on PC offering gorgeous 8K visuals, ray tracing and new water physics which at first glance, makes it look anything but a Minecraft game.

A gameplay video has been uploaded to the YouTube channel Digital Dreams and Minecraft has arguably never looked better. Just watch the gameplay video in question and see for yourself.

Minecraft is available now on just about every platform imaginable, other than the original Nintendo Game Boy, I think. What’s more, with Majong being owned by Microsoft, Minecraft is also available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no extra cost.

Featured Image Credit: Mojang Studios/Digital Dreams (via YouTube)

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