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Megan Fox's 'naked' AI selfies cause confusion

Megan Fox's 'naked' AI selfies cause confusion

Fair enough tbh

If there's one thing people on the internet love, it's handing over buckets of personal data to strange apps so that they can see what they'd look like as a cartoon character.

Sure, it might well make it easier for those killer drones to spot you via their facial recognition software when the end times come, but at least you can share a picture of yourself as 12th century royalty. I'm not knocking it, I'm just as guilty of being taken in by these things. And so, it turns out, is Megan Fox.

The Jennifer's Body star/one-half of the internet's most irritatingly weird couple has joined tens of thousands in jumping on the AI selfie hype-train. However, she was more than a little confused to discover that most of her selfies were "naked" when she shared them online.

A new app called Lena AI has dominated social media of late, giving users the chance to feed it a bunch of selfies and get a whole mess of AI-generated art in return. It's pretty cool, in fairness, and really quite impressive. The newly made AI selfies come in a variety of styles, ranging from superhero and fantasy to cyberpunk and horror.

Obviously, the pictures the app gives you back are dependant on the images you feed it in the first place, although Fox wasn't at all sure why hers came out the way they did.

"Were everyone’s avatars equally as sexual? Like, why are most of mine naked??" Fox asked her followers on Instagram.

Megan Fox/Instagram

Fox's post encouraged a fair bit of... debate among fans. Some pointed out she was 'hotter as a human', and that any AI photos would be as a result. Other warm-hearted chums of humanity decided it was a great time to criticise Fox for sexualising herself "all the time".

How people present themselves on the internet is their business, to be clear, and Fox clarified in a follow-up post that she wasn't being series.

"Sigh. I was being sarcastic," she wrote. "How can anyone think I lack this level of self-awareness[?]"

Featured Image Credit: Megan Fox via Instagram