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Marvel's Midnight Suns includes tribute to terminally ill superfan

Marvel's Midnight Suns includes tribute to terminally ill superfan

One of Luke Wiltshire's wishes was to play the game, and the teams moved heaven and earth to make it happen.

Marvel's Midnight Suns contains a touching tribute to a fan, Luke Wiltshire, who passed away last year due to cancer. Not only did Luke's story affect the team at 2K and Firaxis Games, he was also credited as a design consultant on the game to honor his passion for all things Marvel and video games.

At age 14, Luke found out that he had neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that attacks the nerve tissue and is the third most common cancer in children. Usually, at the time that the diagnosis is confirmed, the cancer has already spread and Luke underwent nine years of treatment to try to eradicate the cells. In 2021, he and his family were told that the doctors had run out of options and that he would be placed on palliative care.

Solving Kids' Cancer is a charity that gives families access life-saving interventions and information about the development of the disease and it was supporting the Wiltshires through their experiences with Luke's neuroblastoma. Luke had three wishes for his final year of life - to adopt a puppy for his mother, have a hog roast, and play Marvel's Midnight Suns. Tragically, the charity knew that Luke would not have the time to wait for the game to be launched, so CEO Gail Jackson got in touch with publisher 2K.

2K was more than willing to realise Luke's third wish. However, there was no actual build for him to play and travelling to the United States was not an option in his condition. Hauling together with Firaxis and Marvel, the team provided a build in 24 hours and personally couriered it to the Wiltshires house, where Luke was overcome with emotion.

Not only this, but 2K and Firaxis got Luke onto the credits as a game design consultant and he spoke with the teams about Marvel's Midnight Suns on a video call. "It was an exceptionally special and moving moment on the day," said Jackson in an interview with "Luke was able to share with [the team] his own Marvel-style comic designs."

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Luke died on 12 November, 2021, at the age of 23. In the game, there is a tree with a carving that reads "Luke W was here," immortalising the young man's passion for Marvel and the impact he left on others. Solving Kids’ Cancer UK has the Big Love Fund, named for one of his favourite slogans, that now supports families struggling with children's cancer with grants for their treatments.

Featured Image Credit: Solving Kids' Cancer via YouTube, 2K

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