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Marvel fans, you can grab one of the best superhero games ever made for free

Marvel fans, you can grab one of the best superhero games ever made for free

The news was leaked recently by a reliable insider

One of the best Marvel games ever made is reportedly going to be available completely for free through the Epic Games Store for a brief period of time.

The next game that will be available for free to Epic Games Store users appears to be the strategy title Marvel's Midnight Suns, and was leaked by an extremely notable and reliable insider who goes by the title bibil-kun. According to them, the title will be free starting today (June 6) and will be available for a set period of time before being removed, so fans will need to grab the game before it leaves.

Previous free games from the last month have included titles such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest title in the Bioware's Dragon Age series (hopefully that won't be true for long, however, with Summer Game Fest just around the corner), Farming Simulator 22, the latest game to be released in the farm simulation series, and Chivalry 2, a medieval multiplayer title that allows players to hack and slash their way through a completely different time period.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is easily one of the best superhero games in recent years, and perhaps one of the best games in general. It's Firaxis, the developer behind the XCOM series, trying something new in the form of a card-based strategy title rather than a game based around an action economy dynamic, and they've achieved something a lot of developers don't manage: they've managed to pivot to a different element of the genre and have managed to it extremely well, with some incredibly character dynamics, some great writing, and above all else, some really fun gameplay that never gets boring despite the fact that the game itself is actually rather long.

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