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Marvel Cancelled Iron Man Game From Just Cause Developer After Two Years

Marvel Cancelled Iron Man Game From Just Cause Developer After Two Years

Just Cause developers Avalanche Studios were working on an Iron Man game before it was scrapped.

Who’s excited for Disney and Marvel’s first ever games showcase next month? On 9 September, Disney (including Lucasfilm) and Marvel are set to outline their upcoming gaming slate including new glimpses at Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Disney Dreamlight Valley, and Amy Hennig’s mysterious upcoming ‘ensemble’ project. One game that’ll never see the light of day though is Avalanche Studios’ cancelled Iron Man game.

Speaking of Marvel, check out this brand new Wolverine gameplay from Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Avalanche Studios, best known for creating the Just Case series, spent two years working on an Iron Man project before the game was eventually scrapped by Marvel and Disney. Avalanche’s co-founder Christofer Sundberg revealed the existence of the scrapped project during an interview with MinnMax. The open-world game would’ve allowed players to “take off and just fly anywhere.”

Sundberg said, “It was in development for a couple of years and then it got cancelled. The focus was on being able to punch other characters through walls with Iron Man’s repulsor and everything, players could just take off and fly anywhere. There were so many great people involved [...] It would’ve been great. I’m sure.”

A few months back, a fan created a stunning Iron Man demo in Unreal Engine 5 proving just how incredible an Iron Man game could be, as those we’ve actually received to date haven’t been that great. Maybe one day we’ll get the Iron Man game we deserve.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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