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Man Reportedly Shot And Killed By Police After Stealing Several Packs Of Pokémon Cards

Man Reportedly Shot And Killed By Police After Stealing Several Packs Of Pokémon Cards

The unnamed man was shot and killed by police in Kissimmee, Florida, after reportedly stealing several packs of Pokémon cards from Target.

The collectability of Pokémon cards has steadily risen since their release in 1996. In recent years, the trading cards have seen a resurgence in popularity leading many major retailers to start restocking the cards again. This week in Kissimmee, located in the US state of Florida, a man was reportedly shot by police in a Target parking lot after stealing a pizza and several packs of Pokémon cards.

According to FOX 35, police allegedly shot and killed the unnamed man on the evening of Wednesday 27 April after he supposedly stole the pizza and Pokémon cards. It’s thought that more than a dozen police units responded to the call, which warned of a suspicious vehicle with unmarked license plates.

Deputy Cole Miller recounted the events, stating that he saw two men get out of the car wearing “masks and hoodies.” The men then reportedly entered the store when an employee informed Deputy Miller about the stolen goods.

Miller went on to say, “I later reviewed the video surveillance which confirmed the two suspects selected an empty Target shopping bag, multiple packs of Pokémon cards and a pizza; all which were concealed and not paid for by the suspects.”

According to Miller, officers then attempted to make contact with the two individuals before “a takedown was attempted which resulted in an officer involved shooting.” The Orlando Sentinel reported that two deputies allegedly shot and killed a man, whilst a further three individuals were injured. Two of the injured men taken to hospital were reportedly charged with petty theft.

US megastore Target had previously banned the sale of Pokémon cards to deter both thefts and fans camping outside of its stores.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company

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