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Man Locks Gamers Inside Arcade Before Going On Brutal Axe Rampage

Man Locks Gamers Inside Arcade Before Going On Brutal Axe Rampage

An axe to grind

A beloved New Orleans-based arcade has been left to pick up the pieces after an aggrieved customer broke in with an axe and caused substantial property damage. reports that a customer who went by the name “The Wolf" (red flag numero uno) had recently joined the Sea Cave Arcade and Bar as a member. In his short time there, he's said to have developed a reputation among staff and patrons for being rude and making those around him feel uncomfortable.

Sea Cave Arcade And Bar /
Judah Lea

On the evening of December 14, The Wolf reportedly started using a supermarket price gun to cover a vintage arcade cabinet with stickers. When the arcade's owner, Judah Lea, approached and asked him to leave, The Wolf responded by asking if he was "interested in dying".

Lea refunded The Wolf's membership fee and kicked him out. Unfortunately, he decided to hang around the parking lot for a while, occasionally flashing a knife and talking about the fact he owned an assault rifle. 30 minutes later, The Wolf returned and allegedly trapped customers and employees inside by locking the front doors with a bike lock. He then began smashing windows, terrifying those inside.

Fortunately, everyone was able to slip out through the back door. But by the time the police had arrived, The Wolf had gotten away. He then returned in the early hours of the following morning with an axe, and smashed pretty much every smashable surface in the place. Vintage arcade machines, expensive monitors, televisions, and more were all destroyed over the course of his rampage.

He then returned yet again later that day to threaten those who had volunteered to come and help clean up the mess left by his previous attack.

One member of the arcade, Matt Ray, told that he “ran up behind me with a handgun and started yelling, ‘Tell them to shut down. I’m cartel’".

The New Orleans Police Department’s public affairs office has since confirmed that a person suspected causing damage at the Sea Cave has been arrested and charged with with aggravated assault, simple criminal damage to property, criminal mischief, and false imprisonment.

The arcade's owners have estimated that this jackass has caused damages somewhere in the region of $50,000. If you can help at all, I'd urge you to head to their GoFundMe page to aid in the rebuilding and recovery process.

Featured Image Credit: Judah Lea

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