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Logan Paul Accused Of Faking $3.5 Million Pokémon Card Scam For Content

Logan Paul Accused Of Faking $3.5 Million Pokémon Card Scam For Content

Fake it till you make it

The internet's favourite Game Boy murderer Logan Paul has been forced to deny claims that he faked the $3.5 Million Pokémon card scam in the name of content.

Back in December Paul believed he'd just made a sound investment, having picked up a massive box containing what he believed to be 1st Edition Base Set Pokémon cards for a princely $3.5 million.

Not long after making this purchase known to the internet, several experts came forward to warn the YouTuber that the cards he'd ordered were very likely fake.

Heeding this advice, Paul discovered that the cards weren't just fake, they weren't actually Pokémon cards at all. He opened the box to find he'd sunk his money into collectible G.I. Joe cards, which I'm sure are neat, but nowhere near as valuable as what he thought he'd acquired.

“I’m a super positive person, bro, and I’ll always be the one to look at the bright side. And I’m trying but this is very hard,” Paul said at the time.

Paul's critics have since hit out at the YouTuber, accusing him of faking the entire thing in the interests of getting attention. It is a wild story, after all, isn't it?

“I see comments. They think I was acting. They think it’s fake,” Paul said during a recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE Podcast. “But it’s not. It’s not fake at all. Being in that room that night was incredibly sad. The energy and the tragic feeling in the room was so palpable.

“Three and a half million dollars on f**king G.I Joe. I cannot believe it. It was a sad day. That was a very sad day. You can’t just scam someone out of millions of dollars like that without legal consequences.”

Paul added that he's now working to track down the scammer, and that a few supporters have suggested he makes a documentary out of the chase. “It’s an L, and I’m not afraid to say it’s a fat f**king L," Paul said in summary of the entire situation.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube via Logan Paul

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